100 Black Men of Greater Beaumont

"What They See Is What They'll Be"

2018 32nd Annual Conference June 14, 2018 – June 17, 2018


2017 Million Father March Back-to-School on the First Day and Beyond

Information on the 2017 Million Father March Back-to-School on the First Day and Beyond


This is the initial Million Father March 2017 Back-to-School on the first day and beyond participation request.  If you know which school you will be at, let me know and take pictures in addition to words of encouragement to our brothers and sisters (of all ethnic and nationalities).

For proper courtesy, it would also be prudent to step into the office to meet/greet the principal or assistant principal or office personnel just to let them know on the First Day.

The 100 BMGB and the Black Star Project need pictures taken of you as a group for great publicity and proof of making a commitment to bettering OUR community.  Wear your shirts, provide copies of handouts, pens, pencils as you meet and great our brethren w/ Love in our hearts.

Attached is the link to the Black Star Project’s initiative.  I will need an estimate of men w/ their child(ren) and/or loved ones to send to the 100 National as well as to the Black Star Project HQs.  Please respond to this email to confirm receipt and school participation this year.  I will be at West Brook High School.

Pass this information and/or my email and contact information to anyone that you see fit (church leaders, community, etc.).  Below are a couple of links with information and facts about the MFM,



I will contact the local news media for a possible guest spot between now and first day of BISD school opening.

Thanks again brothers of the 100 for your love and continued support of OUR community to shine a bright light into sometimes dark places.  Also, pass on to the rest of the 100 not included on this list.

Take Care and God Bless!!

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